What Should I Do?

What Should I Do?

I have conversations nearly every day with candidates who face this question.  Some are frustrated with the company, some with his/her supervisor, and of course some are disappointed in the current compensation package.  With all of that, it is important to never let frustration or emotion be your ultimate decision maker.

I worked with one company for 17 plus years.  Making the decision to leave was one of the most difficult I’ve come across in my life.  And honestly, I did not reach it overnight.  I was a partner in the organization and was an integral part of the development and growth over that time.  However, I soon learned that my emotional ties were considerably stronger than my professional and financial.  Once I realized this, the decision and the path became quite clear.

If you face this question regularly or perhaps just want an objective outside opinion, we should talk.  It can be difficult to remove the emotional component of making a decision like this without the help of another.  I am happy to help candidates with this process even if it means he/she ultimately stays in the current position.  Strategy is a core value at HLS and should be part of everyone’s career path.  And of course, this consultation and strategy development is always a free service with us.

Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon!


Joshua Petzel – Managing Director



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